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In this tutorial I will show you how to register your Hair mesh in CLO.

You can use any 3D software to make this happened.

In thus tutorial I show how to export Hair mesh from 3ds max.

I have this Bob Hairstyle 3D Model:

Free Bob hairstyle for CLO

1st that you need to do is match the hair mesh for the avatar head.

After that rename mesh to “hair

Then export to the FBX file format.

Also, you need to create a preview image.

In CLO go to the Avatar -> Register Hair/Shoes menu

Register Hair/Shoes in CLO

In the popup window select Hair, your FBX file and Thumbnail image

Register Hair tutorial in CLOб как добавить прическу в CLO

Then CLO will ask where to save a .zacs file for your new hair style.

You can go to the existing library Avatar -> Hair click right mouse button on any preview and select “Copy the Path

Бесплатная прическа для CLO

Press Refresh button and new preview will appear in the library.

When you add a new hair to the avatar the model will look like this:

Clo 3D Tutoaial and free models

Just select the mesh and add map to Opacity slot

Add opacity to hair in CLO 3D

Free Hair model for CLO 6.0 & 6.1

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It’s so cool!
Why did I do as you instructed, but it didn’t work, where did I go wrong and the error is,
“Failed to make a hair file. No matching mesh name below.”

How to change the mesh name in blender?
And i click to free bob hair but i received a soccer shoes?
Please let me know if you know how to do it.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, Beo!

To rename an object in Blender just select it and then double click on it’s name in the Outliner.
Rename any object in Blender tutorial

Thanks for the notice, we have updated “Free Hair Bob” link.

Скачала, но не вижу в папке с волосами fbx файла. Он там есть? Что я не так делаю?

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