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Free Soccer Cleats 3D model for CLO, бесплатная модель футбольных бутсов для CLO 3D
Football Player, free soccer shoe 3d model

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Hi all. Tell me what I am doing wrong.
1. When I export the shoes from 3dsMax to Clo3d, the shoes load very small in the Clo3D window.

2. also in Clo3D windows the right shoe appears darker than the left shoe.

Hi Julio!

Answer 1
When you export an avatar from CLO to 3dsMax make sure that you setup Scale in cm and 100%

FBX export:
FBX export

OBJ export:
OBJ export

Then in 3dsMax go to Customize -> Unit Setup
Unit Setup

And check Metric system and Centimeters

It will solve an issue with the scale.

Answer 2
When you use Symmetry in 3dsMax, it flips an object normals.
You can check them by selecting Display tab and check on Backface Cull option
Backface Cull

Or click Right Mouse Button on object, select Object Properties
Object Properties
and check on Backface Cull option
Object Properties

To fix normals, select on object go to the Utilities tab and press Reset XForm
Reset Xform

You will see a flipped normals in the viewport.
Then just add Normal modifier

That’s it, after that you can export models back to CLO

You need add the shoe model to the library by placing the file to the default path
or by pressing + icon in the Library (Y hotkey)

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